Āyurveda – Balancing the doshas through “short” cleanses.
Fall and spring are great times to cleanse. In fall, you are coming out of the heat of summer and transitioning into winter. We have a Harvest Moon and a Hunters Moon. This is when farmers would traditionally go out and gather food in preparation of winter. It is a transitional season in life where things are dying off or slowing down for the impending season of dormancy. A good way to start this fall season is with a 1-3 day juice cleanse.

Ask yourself, why would you want to cleanse? Likely the answer is because you’re not feeling so great, something is off in your body and you want to feel better. During our daily lives, certain foods and activities affect our tri-dosha balance. For instance, spicy foods will increase your Pitta dosha. If one dosha becomes noticeably more dominant than the others, you may feel a shift in your attitude, digestion, sleep, and mental ability to stay focused. Cleansing helps to bring everything back into alignment.

So when someone mentions a cleanse to you, you probably cringe at the word and the first thing that comes to mind is restriction – you can’t eat for 10 days, you have to eat bland foods, you can only drink liquids – it totally throws a monkey wrench in your routine. These ideas are actually myths. Cleansing can be as simple as a 1-day juice fast or as intense as a 10-day master cleanse. We won’t even talk about that one…

These are things you should experience while cleansing:

  • improved sleep
  • increased energy
  • clearer skin
  • happy belly (good poops)
  • sattvic mind (peace, balance, and purity)
  • increased productivity
  • feeling grounded

It is important to note that headaches, body aches, irritability and exhaustion are normal to experience during a cleanse, especially if your body is working hard to rid itself of sugar, caffeine, animal products, alcohol, and anything else that may be toxic to your system. Not to worry, these symptoms usually pass within one to three days.

I highly recommend Squeeze Juice Works. They’ve got it down and can customize a cleanse to suit your taste. If you’re feeling a Pitta or Vata imbalance, try the alkaline cleanse. This cleanse will help remove inflammation from your system. If you’re Kapha dominant, try the classic cleanse. It nourishes you with just the right balance of sweetness and fire.

After your juice cleanse, instead of going back to your regular eating habits, try this kitchari cleanse which will introduce you to sattvic food. Kitchari is a simple dish of mung beans and rice used in Ayurveda to heal all kinds of ailments, similar to how we use chicken soup in the west. Kitchari allows the body to take a rest by giving it just one thing to digest. It is a great way to transition back to your regular diet after doing a juice cleanse.

If you benefited from doing a cleanse then maybe consider incorporating regular cleansing into your life. Try cleansing at the beginning of the seasons or even on a monthly basis. You may be surprised by how much better you feel when you allow your digestive system to rest and reset on a routine basis.