February 5, 2019 is the first day of the Chinese New Year!!! I don’t know about you, but I’m always down for more fortune, wealth and happiness. But let’s be serious here, if you’re health is out of wack then none of it really matters. This is the month where we start to fade away from the goals we set in the beginning of 2019. Now is a great opportunity to utilize this time to reconfigure our direction, downfalls and commitments! This Chinese New Year is giving us a great deal of postive possibilites of what you become. Right intention, self love, and gratitude is where it’s at. Relinquish the past of what no longer deserves your attention and redirect your energy into the places that do…moving forward into the future and remember that it all starts with you!

Thank you,
Jade Skinner

Love. Teach. Breathe. Learn. Grow.

The yoga sutras of Patanjali speak about svadhyaya (self study) as a way to take a deep hard look at ourselves. Observing ourself brings out the truth of our patterns as well as attune to our inner awareness which makes our external senses more acute. By this simple act alone, we are posed here with a great question…What do I want from My Yoga Practice? Or better yet, What do YOU want from Your Yoga Practice? When I present this to students I get a rainbow of answers…

I want to be better at yoga
I want more discipline
I want to increase my flexibility
I would like to get stronger
I want to get healthier
I want a good workout
I want to get out of my head
I want to relax
I want to know more about myself
I want to drink the nectar
I want to become enlightened (jk)
I want to feel good

Well, these are all great answers and totally worth the effort to investigate. But in order to achieve any of this you have to put in the actual work. That work is tapas (discipline), one of the Niyamas of the Eight Limbed Path of Yoga. Tapas if required for the yoga to do it’s magic. In retrospect, discipline can be such a turn off. It’s really not that bad though. How you perceive it makes all the difference in the world. The kind of tapas I’m talking about starts by our individual presence! If you want to be better at yoga, first thing you have to do is show up! And by that I mean, actually show up physically to practice and be mentally present. If you are seeking more discipline, ask yourself why? What is it about me or my life that lacks stucture and how can it improve my flow? When you discover an honest answer, show up. Keep in mind that excuses have a limited capacity until they’re burned up…by the end of the day if you haven’t made an attempt to change that, it’s just words/thoughts floating in the air. Our bodies are so malleable by nature. It’s wants to move, shift, transform and become unstuck for résiduel patterns. The flexibility you want comes with continuous practice. You can start by becoming flexible in the mind and soon the body will follow. This shit is hard work! I know! Who said stretching your body was going to be easy??! It’s taken me years to arrive at the seat of an asana. I’ve had to struggle walking through the mud many times. I’m still treading thick in some places, but I know that if I keep at it, it will be far more rewarding at the end. Ah, and then there lies the beauty of strength…who doesn’t want to be stronger all around?! Challenge yourself to not give in to those places where you feel weak or defeated! Put in a little more effort than what you came in with. It doesn’t have to be full throttle throughout your entire practice. Focus on what part of you wants to be stronger, dig deeper, and let go of the outcome. What’s it worth if you don’t at least try? This where that inner awareness begins to flourish. If you want to get healthier start by looking at what you put into your body, what lives in you refrigerator and in your pantry. Better yet, do some introspection on your environment, social settings and outside energies that could be influencing you to step into the dark side. Take a big wide-eyed view at it all and then ask yourself this “does this make me feel good?”, and by that I mean, do you feel energized to last throughout the day? Do you get good sleep and wake up charged or do you crash and burn and wake up groggy? Do you feel good in your heart about the choices you’ve made? I’m not saying hibernate in your closet or buy into some bullshit fad. Does it serve you? If not, observe and shift. So what if you fall off…get up, own it, and get back to doing the work that needs to be done. It’s okay if you want a good workout from your practice. I get that in just about every practice, but the workouts have shifted from focusing on the physical part to mental, spiritual and mindfulness practices. It brings me to a place of inner peace and rest. This didn’t happen overnight, let alone in a few months either. So, if you want to truly get the most from your yoga practice then be significant with effort and practice continuously for a some time, with purpose and nix the excuses. I’m off the soapbox now 🙂

Life Lessons in Intermediate

Hmmm…where to begin??? This is when I wish I could use emojis to express my thoughts and emotions! Lol. It’s been a long journey, and at times arduous. Let’s just say for me, a long fucking time! Which has made me walk away many times, only to find myself in the muck of it once again. It’s like that roller coaster! You know, the one that scares the living piss out of you, makes you feel sick to your stomach, but it’s so much fun! Yet every time you visit the amusement park you find yourself back on the ride again anticipating the worst. Sometimes, it really does end up the way!! Well, that ‘s Intermediate series for me. Except this time the ride is different. Of course, that’s to be expected because no two experiences are ever the same! It seems to have shifted from the superficial external of wanting more, expecting the same, as well as doing more, now to the subtle states of introspection and being. Sitting back and observing myself on the ride, my thoughts, actions, and connection to the never ending flux of sensations as they weave throughout…moving with the flow as it comes rather than resisting in all the places that scare the shit out of me. Isn’t that the spiritual lesson in it all? How else are we’re supposed to be living out our life? Although, my perspective has shifted, the physical aspects of practice continue to keep me in check. Nothing will ever progress if you continue to have one foot in and foot out. Commit to the work! Commit to the process! Commit to you! As for the lessons…I’ve learned and continue to learn that as long as I’m true to myself and I keep showing up for the ride, those fears that have been stepping all over my shit begin to shapeshift into inspirational reality instead of figments of the illusory world of avoidance.

Study and Play with Jade – Workshops 2019


Feb 9, Breathing with Awareness – Sukha Life Yoga Studio, St. Pete, FL
Feb 16, SUP Paddle + Picnic – The Body Electric Yoga Company, St. Pete, FL
Mar 3, SUP Sunrise Salutations – The Body Electric Yoga Company, St. Pete, FL
Mar 16, Yamas & Niyamas – Sukha Life Yoga Studio, St. Pete, FL
Mar 29-31, Ashtanga Weekend – Sol Rise Yoga, Knoxville, TN
Apr 1-6, Ashtanga Immersion – The Body Electric Yoga Company, St. Pete, FL
Apr 27, The Heart of Ashtanga.. – Ashtanga Yoga Naples, Bonita Springs, FL
Nov 10-15, Ashtanga Immersion – The Body Electric Yoga Company, St. Pete, FL

Yoga Teacher Training + Retreats 2019 2019


Yoga Teacher Training is a time to enrich yourself as a student and share the artistry of this magnificent practice with everyone you meet. There’s something really special about a group of individuals coming together in a similar mindset of individual transformation. We all arrive on the mat for some type of healing whether we know it or not. Even though your reason may differ from the person next to you we are all apart of something much more. This is a time to dive deeper into the yogic tradition of what brings this beautiful practice to life! It’s will forever change your life. – Jade Skinner
Weekend Format (May-Oct)
Enter through the gates of this sublime jungle refuge and you will immediately notice the subtle power of nature as it begins to works its magic on you. All five senses will stand to attention as the jungle’s essence begins to meld with your own!
We begin our mornings with mysore practice led by me, Jade and the amazing Calley Sunderman! We offer fresh perspectives on sustainable practice, hands on assists, humor, and always new challenges to guide you along your yoga journey. Visit some extraordinary offsite excursions, diving into Mayan culture, along with an assortment of classes and workshops at our beautiful Jungle home. We are so freaking excited!!!! Don’t wait around!! Sign up!
Join Push to Explore and Jade Skinner, as we submerge ourselves in the beauty that is Zion. This retreat is an exploration in practicing our yoga and meditation not only on the mat, but off the mat as we adventure into Zion to rock climb, hike, and canyoneer. The goal of this trip is to push yourself mentally and physically while utilizing Zion’s beautiful sandstone as a mirror to reflect one’s true strength.
  • Day 1 – Opening Ceremony
  • Day 2 – Climbing Lambs Knoll
  • Day 3 – Water Canyon
  • Day 4 – Choose Your Path
  • Day 5 – Closing Ceremony
Are you ready for the trip of a lifetime?!!!! We love yoga, therefore, we practice daily, but not in the way you may be used to. Our retreats are an integration of how we practice yoga on and off the mat! Let us show you the way through nature, culture, food, yoga, breath practices, meditation, and community.
Welcome to Corsica, the Isle of Beauty; an idyllic and truly spectacular mountain jutting out of the glittering Mediterranean sea! Spend 4 days and 4 nights taking in the views of the limpid turquoise waters of the Gulf of Porto (and swimming in them), and exploring the Piana calanches (rugged coastal rock formations), the Scandola Nature reserve (by kayak) and the magical Girolata Bay area. Together these form the Gulf of Porto World Heritage….. Read more here