Full Moon and New Moon days


Tradition dictates that one takes rest on Full and New Moon days. This teaches us to be non-attached to the practice and to respect the rest and recovery process required for balance and energy. This also synchronizes one’s energy with the natural cycles of the earth, moon, and sun.


fullmoon1 January 12

newmoon1  January 27

fullmoon1 February 10

newmoon1 February 26

fullmoon1 March 12

newmoon1 March 27

fullmoon1 April 11

newmoon1 April 26

fullmoon1 May 10

newmoon1 May 26

 June 9

newmoon1 June 23

fullmoon1 July 9

newmoon1  July 23

fullmoon1 August 7

newmoon1 August 21

fullmoon1 September 6

newmoon1 September 20

fullmoon1 October 5

newmoon1 October 19

fullmoon1 November 4

newmoon1 November 28

 December 2

newmoon1 December 18

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