You can find me at The Body Electric Yoga Company.
No early morning Mysore or Led Primary on Moon Days.
Grab your mat and come to class.
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The Body Electric Yoga Company

Jade’s Class Hours

Monday7:00-8:30amMysoreSign Up
Tuesday6:00-8:30amMysoreSign Up
Wednesday6:00-8:30amMysoreSign Up
Thursday6:00-8:30amMysoreSign Up
Friday7:00-8:30amLed PrimarySign Up
Sunday8:00-10:00amMysoreSign Up
bod_lectric4_sm1 We believe that yoga is for everybody. Here at The Body Electric, we work hard, play hard, and relax hard. Check out The Body Electric for more info and full Schedule.

Located in the old ice factory at

685 30th Avenue North
at 7th St.
Saint Petersburg, Florida

phone: (727) 490-ZEN1
Leave a message if there is no answer

Legendary support for a lifetime of practice with a Manduka PRO Yoga Mat
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Moon Days 2018

Tradition dictates that one takes rest on Full and New Moon days. This teaches us to be non-attached to the practice and to respect the rest and recovery process required for balance and energy. This also synchronizes one’s energy with the natural cycles of the earth, moon, and sun.


FULL MOON | January 1st
NEW MOON | January 16th

FULL MOON | January 31st
NEW MOON | February 15th

FULL MOON | March 1st
NEW MOON | March 16th
FULL MOON | March 30th

NEW MOON | April 15th
FULL MOON | April 29th

NEW MOON | May 15th
FULL MOON | May 29th

NEW MOON | June 13th
FULL MOON | June 28th

NEW MOON | July 12th
FULL MOON | July 27th

NEW MOON | August 10th
FULL MOON | August 26th

NEW MOON | September 9th
FULL MOON | September 24th

NEW MOON | October 8th
FULL MOON | October 24th

NEW MOON | November 7th
FULL MOON | November 23rd

NEW MOON | December 7th
FULL MOON | December 21st

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