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I’m super psyched that summertime is here!! As Mother Earth does her shifts, so should we. Welcome the sungod energy with 108 Sun Saluations on the Solstice.

You all know that my heart resides in the Ashtanga practice, but I do like to explore and play with other modalities of yoga and movement too. It’s healthy for the body and the brain! Why am I telling you this? Because I want you to get unstuck from your bubble…expand your knowledge and take a workshop with David Keil of Yoga Anatomy and the AYSP community…come play with me and the other bodyelectricyoga mermaids for summertime SUP classes. Where’s there’s work to be done, we must also leave room for play.

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The yoga sutras of Patanjali speak about svadhyaya (self study) as a way to take a deep hard look at ourselves. Observing ourself brings out the truth of our patterns as well as attune to our inner awareness which makes our external senses more acute. By this simple act alone, we are posed here with a great question…What do I want from My Yoga Practice? Or better yet, What do YOU want from Your Yoga Practice? When I present this to students I get a rainbow of answers…

I want to be better at yoga
I want more discipline
I want to increase my flexibility
I would like to get stronger
I want to get healthier
I want a good workout
I want to get out of my head
I want to relax
I want to know more about myself
I want to drink the nectar
I want to become enlightened (jk)
I want to feel good

Well, these are all great answers and totally worth the effort to investigate. But in order to achieve any of this you have to put in the actual work. That work is tapas (discipline), one of the Niyamas of the Eight Limbed Path of Yoga. Tapas if required for the yoga to do it’s magic. In retrospect, discipline can be such a turn off. It’s really not that bad though. How you perceive it makes all the difference in the world. The kind of tapas I’m talking about starts by our individual presence! If you want to be better at yoga, first thing you have to do is show up! And by that I mean, actually show up physically to practice and be mentally present. If you are seeking more discipline, ask yourself why? What is it about me or my life that lacks stucture and how can it improve my flow? When you discover an honest answer, show up. Keep in mind that excuses have a limited capacity until they’re burned up…by the end of the day if you haven’t made an attempt to change that, it’s just words/thoughts floating in the air. Our bodies are so malleable by nature. It’s wants to move, shift, transform and become unstuck for résiduel patterns. The flexibility you want comes with continuous practice. You can start by becoming flexible in the mind and soon the body will follow. This shit is hard work! I know! Who said stretching your body was going to be easy??! It’s taken me years to arrive at the seat of an asana. I’ve had to struggle walking through the mud many times. I’m still treading thick in some places, but I know that if I keep at it, it will be far more rewarding at the end. Ah, and then there lies the beauty of strength…who doesn’t want to be stronger all around?! Challenge yourself to not give in to those places where you feel weak or defeated! Put in a little more effort than what you came in with. It doesn’t have to be full throttle throughout your entire practice. Focus on what part of you wants to be stronger, dig deeper, and let go of the outcome. What’s it worth if you don’t at least try? This where that inner awareness begins to flourish. If you want to get healthier start by looking at what you put into your body, what lives in you refrigerator and in your pantry. Better yet, do some introspection on your environment, social settings and outside energies that could be influencing you to step into the dark side. Take a big wide-eyed view at it all and then ask yourself this “does this make me feel good?”, and by that I mean, do you feel energized to last throughout the day? Do you get good sleep and wake up charged or do you crash and burn and wake up groggy? Do you feel good in your heart about the choices you’ve made? I’m not saying hibernate in your closet or buy into some bullshit fad. Does it serve you? If not, observe and shift. So what if you fall off…get up, own it, and get back to doing the work that needs to be done. It’s okay if you want a good workout from your practice. I get that in just about every practice, but the workouts have shifted from focusing on the physical part to mental, spiritual and mindfulness practices. It brings me to a place of inner peace and rest. This didn’t happen overnight, let alone in a few months either. So, if you want to truly get the most from your yoga practice then be significant with effort and practice continuously for a some time, with purpose and nix the excuses. I’m off the soapbox now 🙂

AYSP Upcoming Workshops

Workshops are great platforms for exploring the practice and expanding your self-knowledge beyond the limits of the classroom. David Keil is back for 5 days of Mysore Immersion, The Anatomy of the Breath and breaking down The Vinyasa Count. Don’t miss out on this opportunity

Pyrenean Yoga-Hiking Retreat
September 9-14, 2018 Pyrénées, France

What would our lives be without the beauty of mountains? Join us for 5 epic hikes, daily yoga, mountain meditation and french culture…

The practice of yoga and meditation go far beyond moving your body into shapes, let alone actively trying quiet the mind. It’s about living your yoga, being present, and observing the “Self” as we move through this world. Hiking through the Pyrénées is the perfect place to put these practices into action. Monitoring your breath, the surface that’s ahead, the feel of the earth beneath your feet, and the ambience of the mountains requires you to drop into nature as if you’re being re-birthed into this earth. Lisa Knaffla and Jade Skinner invite you to explore 5 days of reconnecting to beautiful Mother Earth through heart centered meditations, intuitive yoga practices, mountain air pranayama, self-reflection, hiking in the beautiful Pyrénées of France, communal meals, journaling and more. Retreat is $2200 with a non-refundable deposit of $500 due July 5, 2018. Remaining balance is due August 9, 2018. We have 10 spaces open to anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the practice of living your yoga. Om, shanti

Retreat Package Includes:

  • Sleeping accommodations (singles – shared rooms, couples – private room)
  • Welcome Dinner
  • Awesome Giftbags
  • Farm Breakfast (eggs, granola, yogurt, fruits, breads, teas, coffee)
  • Picnic Lunches (vegetarian fare)
  • Morning Meditation & Yoga
  • 4 Epic Hikes
  • 1 Day trip into Lourdes
  • Soak in Bain de Rocher Mineral Baths
  • Farewell Dinner
  • Transportation to/from Lourdes Train Station to Retreat Center


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