Testimonials from some of Jade’s students and graduates of her Teacher Training program.

I feel very lucky to have had Jade as my teacher. She exudes passion for yoga and sincerely cares about her students’ development and understanding. Her curriculum was very well thought out, expansive and comprehensive. I feel like my personal understanding and appreciation of yoga has been deepened and enriched significantly. My whole approach to yoga has matured a great deal as a result of the course. From anatomy to philosophy, teaching concepts and practice, Ayurveda, chanting and pranayama, and of course, exploration of asana, I feel that I have been given a priceless gift, that will be with me, growing inside me, benefiting myself and others for the rest of my life.

David Crisler

2016 Graduate

This course was very insightful and 100% worth it. I’ve learned so many things from life lessons, more about the human body, ways to deepen my own yoga practice, and how to teach yoga based upon experience and knowledge within my own practice. Jade made every lecture interesting and chock full of information. Every practice she led was always another step to being yoga. Jade has a way of making training fun and stern at the same time, so we were able to get much more out of the experience. She always had extra information and was very attentive to each of us individually. I loved it and I would recommend it to anyone who not only wants to become a certified yoga instructor, but would want to experience a change of life through the practice and knowledge of yoga.

Kayla Martir

2016 Graduate

Jade Skinner became a teacher of mine around 2008, and to this day is still one of my greatest teachers and dearest friends. I met Jade while I was in the midst of my own 200 hr yoga teacher training, which was a fragile time for me; as I was beginning for the first time in my existence beginning to understand my purpose in life, which resulted in an entire reconstruction of my patterns, habits, thought process, etc. Of course, this personal journey that I am still on today has been a transformational one, but it has definitely also been challenging in the sense of confronting fears and battling demons.

Jade Skinner was one of the most life altering beings along my journey.

Through her physical yoga teaching alone, she taught me discipline, how to access my own inner strength I wasn’t aware I had, the power of intention and dedication, confidence, and most importantly for me that it is ok to also surrender! Here is the magical part about Jade, the physical benefits of her teaching are merely just the beginning, maybe the first to be noticed, like the seed being planted, but if you head the teachings they take root deep within your entire being. This is the seed of transformation that produces the fruit, the richness, and fullness of your being. Jade helped me to find a deeper level of who I am, to press firmly in, even when the work was hard, and allowing me to know I was supported in that process. The most powerful changes in my life thus far have been supported by this amazing teacher. Even today, hundreds of miles away, my beloved teacher is still by my side assisting my growth, helping my development, not only as a teacher of yoga but as a student in the journey of life!


I’ve known Jade for several years, have taken numerous workshops and many of her yoga classes. About a year ago, I started attending her Mysore classes on a weekly basis. Jade has fast forwarded my practice like no other teacher I’ve worked with. She is truly dedicated to yoga, her students and her practice. She inspires me every time we meet on the mat. Jade has made me a better yoga student and a better yoga teacher.

Wendy Shelton

Jade provided a wealth of information to the student in my class. Including her knowledge, thoughtful concise training binder of materials, video’s on anatomy and her guest speakers- this collaboration resulted in a well designed program. In addition, I found it beneficial when she encouraged us to begin to teach the physical practice as soon as she did. Having the teaching element be apart of the student-teacher transition made it an enriching key component.

Laura Parker

2016 Graduate

This teacher training was extremely daunting at first but ended up being my blissful yoga escape every other weekend. It was truly wonderful to have a safe place to learn and practice with our family of yoga teacher training students. I have developed immensely since the beginning in a number of ways that have affected my life personally, at work, with family, and in my heart.

Emily Smith-Prance

2016 Graduate

One month intensive 200-hr teacher training with Jade was, in a word, intense! We had quite a sharp group of individuals, and Jade consistently challenged us to become better versions of ourselves. She taught from a place of experience and wisdom, and her passion and deep love for yoga shone through in every class, every teaching. I felt challenged in daily asana and chanting practice, enlightened through sutra studies, and most of all, given the space to have my own unique experience. Jade holds the space for students like no other; and within this space, I transformed.

Rissa Wray

2016 Graduate

Jade lives and breathes yoga. She embodies it wholly and teaches from a place of love and pure intention. I enjoyed my teacher training and learn to value it more and more as I study yoga and draw from the strong foundation my teacher helped me cultivate during my yoga studies. I continue to learn from Jade and believe I am growing into a better student and teacher as a result. I have and will continue to recommend her classes, workshops and teacher training.

Savanna DeLuca

2014 Graduate

Jade knows her Yoga. You feel that in every moment spent in her presence. I felt that having a teacher who is so authentically herself made for the best training possible. I move forward in life knowing I had a very blessed opportunity to be a part of such an amazing experience.”

Courtney White

2015 Graduate

Jade is hands down one of the best kept secrets in the yoga world. She has incredible integrity, fierce grace and undeniable standards. She will encourage your highest self in every pose and every breath. She taught me vital fundamentals to grow my practice as well as inspires me to reach higher, go deeper and expand bigger on and off the mat. Not only my practice but my entire life has improved beyond words due to how she teaches. I heartily recommend her to anyone and everyone

Michelle Sorro

When I look back at my time in yoga teacher training with Jade, I sometimes find it hard to convey how transformative this experience it was for me. Before I began Jade’s teacher training, I was an avid yoga practitioner that was looking to take my personal practice a little deeper. I without a doubt, got what I wanted, but also so much more.

Jade is an ashtanga yogini that truly lives The Eight Limbs of Yoga. It was something she asked us to do during our training and thought I admit I did so begrudgingly at first, it really made the training all that more powerful. After I completed my training and my life had settled back into a routine, I began to notice that I had cultivated all these new habits too. I now have a daily meditation practice which I did not have before. This has helped me with mental clarity and an overall calmness I enjoy immensely. I have kept up the habit of studying yoga anatomy and yoga literature on a regular basis. My asana practice has grown stronger thanks to Jade’s requirement of regular practice during training. And I have also had some amazing breakthroughs because I understand my body on a much deeper level anatomically than ever before.

Kimberly Reilly

2016 Graduate

The first thing I feel in Jade’s class is that I am safe with her, that she is going to take care of me, she isn’t going to baby me, I am going to work hard and challenge myself, and work through difficult situations the practice might bring up, but it’s ok, because Jade has an uncanny ability to make all of her students feel somehow protected. Maybe it’s because of her vast knowledge of the body and how it works and moves, her inclusion of the subtle body in her teachings – energy, prana, and the channels they flow on, maybe it’s her understanding of what this practice can bring up emotionally and the work it takes to push beyond those obstacles, or the fact that Jade is constantly learning, remaining a true student of the practice, always striving to deepen her connection to the practice, and thus deepening her connection to her teaching and to her students. I am also very familiar with Jade as a practitioner, and I see not only the devotion and dedication she steps on her mat with EVERY DAY, but the joy she steps on her mat with! The practice has been transformative in Jade’s life so she knows and understands the power of the practice and what it is capable of. As a teacher she grasps just how moving this practice can be for her students, and she embodies the perfect amount of strength and softness to support her students in the way they individually need to be supported!

Calley Masson

Training was amazing and fun! Great crew of like minds learning and growing as individuals. This training gave me the tools to communicate my love of yoga to others. It was like a clean slate for my body and soul to start again, stronger, prouder and capable. Honored to have been taught by Jade!”

Olivia Symes

2016 Graduate

This was an amazing experience and Jade is an amazing teacher that had her students’ best interests in mind. She clearly showed us her vast knowledge, desire to share her knowledge and experience, a willingness to be our mentors and showed compassion to each of us. I’m grateful for the opportunity to be her student.

Tiffany Wimmer

2016 Graduate

Jade is an incredible teacher and truly lives a yogic life which in turn shines through her teacher training. She has many years of knowledge and throughout the training, I felt safe, in control and clear about what was required. This training was truly life changing and one that I recommend to anyone looking to deepen their practice. Jade is a guiding light for the yoga community.

Amanda Crosby

2016 Graduate

Very grateful to have the opportunity to attend a course led by Jade Skinner. Jade has a special way of sharing her love and compassion for yoga with her students! She makes it very special and life changing.

Scott Temples

2015 Graduate

Entirely, this training was phenomenal and went above and beyond my expectations! There was incredible thought and care put into each training activity and exercise, as well as the homework and reading assignments. Jade has a true passion for her practice and teaching and it was truly inspiring!

Lindsay Cross

2015 Graduate

Jade’s 200 hour training course was well-disciplined and no-nonsense, but in the end, I can’t imagine having a more well-rounded training program. From hours of physical practice per day to a full understanding of the 8 limbs of Ashtanga yoga and a good understanding of sutras, we covered a lot in 5 weeks, but I feel my practice and depth of knowledge of yoga far exceeds where I was before. I feel confident to teach and choose the direction I want to go.

Kevin Lane

2014 Graduate