From the outside looking in, Teachers are sometimes viewed as being superhuman. They’ve put in the time, dug into the work, poured out the sweat and tears to be where they are today. But from the inside looking out, the path of a Mysore Teacher can be a lonely one. We hold space for so many students everyday. We, on the other hand, are not always so lucky to have the same thing done for us. When it comes to my own personal practice, I’m solely responsible for holding space for me. Trust me, this is not a pity party. There’s no one to blame here. I chose a practice and method of teaching that isn’t as common as the rest of mainstream yoga. It’s okay because I love it! I love the discipline, dedication and devotion. I love the quiteness of the room. I love the individualized attention that is given to students. The trade-off is giving up my sangha practice with a teacher.

This past March, my dear friend, Greg Nardi, who happens to be my teacher-mentor, invited me to lead a workshop at his studio, AYW. Super psyched and honored, I totally accepted. Teaching the workshop was super fun and everyone seemed to enjoy the material at hand. But the bonus was that I got to practice with Greg and all of his students the next day. What a treat!! Finally, I can let go and have someone hold space for me! As I entered the Mysore room the echoing sound of deep breathing flushed my mind of any thoughts. I quietly rolled out my mat out and began to take practice. The whole room was vibrating with love and dedication as we chanted the opening mantra. And I stood there with a big smile on my face overwhelmed with gratitude and eyes full of water. Just to be in the sangha with a teacher, my teacher specifically, is an unexplainable feeling of joy. I think I probably cried like 3-4 times when Greg was adjusting me. It wasn’t tears of pain either. He was able to help me relax so I could explore the practice deeper, regardless of what’s been going on in my body. He was simply holding space for me. You see, when we’re in it everyday, we don’t really think about what it’s like to be without. It’s not until we’re actually in that space does the reality set in.

Teachers hold value in so many ways. A lot of it we take for granted because their time, knowledge, and shared experiences is at a time convinence for us. They see patterns of behavior that we don’t. They listen for disturbances in the air by sound of breath. They can see when something doesn’t feel good.
If theirs too much effort going into the practice by means of watching facial expressions, they happily let us know. They hear our stories stuck in our heads and wrapped around our body parts. Teachers teach us how to reframe those conversations so we stop fighting ourselves. They show us that compassion towards the self is a friendlier path. They dose out little nuggets of wisdom to help us see the picture more clearly. They listen to the frustrations we have when we our bodies don’t respond to what we’re trying to accomplish. They offer up new perspectives when we feel stuck. They comfort us when we don’t have the strength to hold that space on our own. Teachers also know when to let you be. They clearly see potential beyond our own belief. Teachers encourage us to see through our own bullshit. In the process of teaching us to take responsibility for ourself, they might let you fall a little bit, and maybe kiss the floor, but they will never let you go crashing down. They love infinitely. Teachers are incredible space holders for all these reasons and more. So the next time you are in the presence of a teacher, offer up a blessing of gratitude simply for the space they hold everyday.


heading to Michigan for another adventure in sharing the Ashtanga love. If you’re in the area April 28th, come yoga with me and the Muskegon Yoga Community. We’ll be exploring Led Primary Series and the Jump Back, Jump Through transition.

Spring cleaning…

IV.4.4 Brihadaranyaka Upanishad ”As a goldsmith fashions an old ornament into a new and more beautiful one, so the Self, having reached the end of the last life and dispelled all ignorance makes for himself a new, more beautiful shape, like that of the devas or other celestial beings.”

Spring cleansing is in the air. Nature is usually the first to show us what’s up. As the trees bud new leaves, flowers begin to bloom, and the vibrancy of spring gently reminds us of seasonal transformations. Be thoughtful about what you’re cleansing. Make it a daily ritual like brushing your teeth. Feel good about it, knowing that self care is the best care. Just as the quote above states, when one cycle ends and we have shed ourselves of things that no longer serve us, a new you is born more beautiful than the last.

Be Yoga. Live. Practice.

Workshops, Retreats & Trainings

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July 8-13, 2018 / Pyrénées, France
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Mountain Yoga-Meditation Trek
July 14-20/ Pyrénées, France
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Retreat in the Land of the Midnight Sun
July 26-30 / Varmdö, Sweden
Are you looking for a reset? A timeout? Join us in Sweden for a one of a kind getaway, guaranteed to help you gain clarity, recharge your batteries and a unique opportunity to refocus your efforts in life.